Sign on in support of Farm to School!

Why Farm to School?

Did you know that in 1910, farmers and ranchers made 60 cents for every $1 spent on food? Today, their share is only seven cents on the dollar.

The Local Food movement is gaining momentum across the United States and has begun addressing this gap. We’re seeing more farmers’ markets and increased interest in funding school lunch programs that offer local food.

Across the board, people are becoming more aware that eating local food is not only better for our health, but also for our communities and the climate.

Yet, there is still more we can do. In Montana, we can build farm-to-school programs and advocate for policies that connect local farmers and ranchers to school cafeterias. As a result, Montana kids have access to healthier food, our farmers and ranchers can increase their share of dollars spent on food, and our rural communities thrive.

Building Local Support

In order to get school boards, administrators, food suppliers, and other decision-makers to support Farm to School in Montana, we need to do what we do best… get organized! And that starts with people like YOU proudly declaring your support.

Will you take a minute to sign the petition below and let Montana’s local school boards know that you support bringing farm-to-school to all school districts across the state!

Want to know more about Farm to School? Click here to download our factsheet.

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