Stand in Solidarity with Family Farmers and Ranchers

Today’s agricultural economy has stopped working for producers. Cattle, crop, and milk prices are both far below the cost of production.  Last year, multiple family dairy farms were going our of business every day, and that trend continues into 2019. More farms and ranches aren’t far behind. Meanwhile, meatpackers and dairy processors are netting record-level profits.

We know producers are growing and raising high-quality products and being good stewards of the land, but corporate monopolies are getting away with stealing their profit, livelihood, and pride.

Big ag conglomerates are committing blatant violations of anti-trust legislation, and we must demand that elected officials and office holders enforce the law. The consequences of inaction and the lack of enforcement are driving family farmers and ranchers out of business.

Sign the Petition of Solidarity to stand with family farmers and ranchers as they continue to fight for #FairCattleMarkets and enforcement of anti-trust laws.

For more information, please contact Maggie or Caroline at (406) 248-1154 or email or