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2022 Affiliate Recruitment Competition

12:00 - 11:59

General Information

For the month of September, we’re challenging participating affiliates to a membership recruitment competition! Whichever affiliate recruits the most members by percentage of their existing membership will be crowned winner and get a choice of a tree planted in their affiliate’s name, or a dinner prepared by Northern Plains staff in their affiliate turf.

As member-led organizations, we understand that a long-lasting and powerful movement relies on building and maintaining our membership. While this is a competition to encourage growth in our local chapters, I also know this competition will help us build the collective movement of Northern Plains.

Here are ground rules and expectations for the competition:

  • If you recruit a member to your affiliate during the month of September, make sure you tell your organizer! This can include brand new members, or members that are dropped, lapsed, or expired. 
  • I encourage you to challenge other affiliates! If you want to challenge another affiliate with a video, email, etc., please let your organizer know and they will make sure it gets delivered. Nothing like some friendly competition!
  • You will receive weekly updates throughout September detailing how many members have been recruited by each affiliate. (Check back here to see how many members each affiliate has recruited!)


The competition ends Friday, September 30 at midnight. (Mail-in memberships must be postmarked by this date.) Please reach out to Bronya at bronya@northernplains.org if you have any questions.

Recruitment Numbers

Bull Mountain Land Alliance
New Members 13%
Bear Creek Council
New Members 3%
Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council
New Members 3%
Dawson Resource Council
New Members 2%
Central Montana Resource Council
New Members 1%
Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council
New Members 0.5%
Carbon County Resource Council
New Members 0%
Cottonwood Resource Council
New Members 0%
Sleeping Giant Citizens Council
New Members 0%
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