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HB 267 - Lay the groundwork for smart meters and the smart grid

Sponsored by Rep. Daniel Zolnikov, R-Billings

This bill establishes the legal security framework necessary to protect consumers’ personal information if they opt to have a “smart meter” installed by a utility. Smart meters are an effective tool that allows consumers to monitor and control their energy consumption through their smartphones or computers and allow utilities to track energy use and make adjustments to conserve energy. Smart meters¬†are an essential part of the eventual creation of the “smart grid” of the future.

HB 267 has been signed into law by Governor Bullock.

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HB 144 - Kill tax credits for energy conservation and so much more!

Sponsored by Rep. Alan Redfield, R-Livingston

We Oppose this Bill.

HB 431 - Creation of a Montana farmer educational loan repayment assistance program

Sponsored by Rep. Zach Brown, D-Bozeman

We Support this Bill.

HB 487 - Undermine Montana’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

Sponsored by Rep. Derek Skees, R-Somers

We Oppose this Bill.

HJ 38 - Interim study on decommissioning and bonding for Colstrip and other electrical generation facilities

Sponsored by Daniel Zolnikov, R-Billings

We Support this Bill.

SB 329 - Extend the Otter Creek coal tract leases for another ten years

Sponsored by Tom Richmond, R-Billings

We Oppose this Bill.

HB 476 - The $50 million bad investments bill

Sponsored by Rep. Jim Keane, D-Butte

We Oppose this Bill.

SB 252 - The turn your back on union jobs bill

Sponsored by Sen. Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip

We Oppose this Bill.

HB 403 - Extend the sweetheart tax giveaway to Signal Peak bill

Sponsored by Rep. Barry Usher, R-Billings

We Oppose this Bill.