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SB 93 - Impose excessive decommissioning and bonding requirements on large-scale solar

Sponsored by Sen. Tom Richmond, R-Billings

This bill would create decommissioning requirements including bonding for large solar projects, similar to what exists for wind.  In theory, this is a good idea–it would provide the surety to protect taxpayers and landowners from having to clean up solar developments when they reach the end of their lives. As written, however, SB 93 doesn’t take into account that solar companies often already engage in this sort of bonding with landowners on whose land these projects are developed. More importantly, it doesn’t require the same decommissioning requirements for other forms of energy production including natural gas and coal which is desperately needed and in effect puts renewables at a competitive disadvantage compared to other forms of generation.

The bill passed out of committee on February 13. Call your legislator and tell them to vote no on SB 93!

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SB 245 - The Montana Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Act

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HB 22 - Level the playing field for renewable energy 

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HB 271 - Require oil pipelines to avoid heritage and tribal cultural sites

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SB 206 - The Montana Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) Act

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HB 144 - Kill tax credits for energy conservation and so much more!

Sponsored by Rep. Alan Redfield, R-Livingston

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HJ 4 - Encourage more coal export

Sponsored by Rep. Joe Read, R-Ronan

We Oppose this Bill.

SB 189 - Tax carbon from large emitters and incentivize innovation in carbon-free production

Sen. Dick Barrett, D-Missoula

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SB 188 - Ensure wind and solar are allowed to compete on an even footing in energy procurement

Sen. Sue Malek, D-Missoula

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