Olivia Stockman, Staff Director

After leading our dedicated organizing team for ten years, Olivia accepted the role of Northern Plains’ Staff Director in 2019. Having grown up in the Midwest, Olivia earned degrees in political science (B.A. from the University of Kansas; M.A. from the University of New Mexico), and previously worked for the League of Conservation Voters, Service Employees International Union, Montana League of Rural Voters, and Western Organization of Resource Councils. She is known for her tenacious leadership, professionalism, and tireless organizing skills. Email:

Svein Newman, Political Organizing Director

Originally from Billings, Svein joined the staff in 2009 after graduating from the University of Montana in political science. During college, he volunteered with Students for Economic and Social Justice in a multi-year anti-sweatshop campaign (that was covered in The Nation and USA Today). He also volunteered for the Women’s Resource Center, and knocked on thousands of doors in canvassing efforts. He is the lead staff for our Coal Task Force and organizes in the Missoula area. Email:

Maggie Gordon, Director of Mission Engagement

Maggie joined our staff in 2013. Hailing from Wyoming, she has undergraduate degrees in biology and environmental sciences from Gonzaga University and a master’s degree in public administration from Montana State University. She is responsible for Northern Plains’ external fundraising efforts, the Grassroots Donor Campaign, strategic plan implementation, and a variety of financial and administrative duties. Maggie’s an avid gardener, backpacker, and baker. Email:

Sydney Ausen, Director of Organizing & Campaigns

Originally from Billings, Sydney joined Northern Plains’ staff in 2016. She earned a degree in Political Science and Development Studies from the University of Montana and, before coming to Northern Plains, worked as an intern & research assistant at MPG Ranch and helped run a Montana voter registration campaign. Sydney staffs our clean energy task force as well and our Livingston-area affiliate, Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council and our Cooke City affiliate, Beartooth Alliance. Email:

Caitlin Cromwell, Deputy Director of Organizing & Campaigns

Caitlin joined the Northern Plains staff in 2016. She is originally from Maryland and earned a degree in English from Yale University. Before coming to Northern Plains, Caitlin worked at the Western Organization of Resource Councils as both a summer research intern and a year-long Fellow. She leads our work on oil and gas and staffs our Glendive affiliate, Dawson Resource Council and our Lewistown affiliate, Central Montana Resource Council. Email:

Alex Cunha, Field Organizer

Alex joined Northern Plains in 2017.  He is originally from northern California and holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Harvard University. He worked as a tree technician in Wyoming prior to moving to Montana. His work with Northern Plains is currently focused on helping coal country diversify its economic base as well as staffing our Rosebud County affiliate, Rosebud Protective Association, and our affiliate Bull Mountain Land Alliance. Email:

Makenna Sellers, Legislative Organizer

Makenna was born in Billings and joined the Northern Plains staff in 2017. She earned her degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Business from Gonzaga University, where she worked closely with the Office of Sustainability. After college, Makenna worked for Northern Plains as an intern and focused on oil and gas issue work as well as the climate issue canvass. She staffs our Helena affiliate, Sleeping Giant Citizens Council and works primarily on clean energy policy. Email:

Mikindra Morin, Field Organizer and Good Neighbor Agreement Manager

Hailing from Indiana, Mikindra joined our organizing team in 2018. Before coming to Northern Plains, Mikindra received a law degree from the University of Arizona before pursuing a graduate degree in Environmental Science (thesis in-progress) from Montana State University After working for various environmental law projects on the East Coast and directing an environmentally-focused canvass program in Minnesota, she is excited to be back in Montana. Mikindra manages our Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) with Sibanye-Stillwater (formerly Stillwater Mining Company) and staffs our Sweetgrass County affiliate, Cottonwood Resource Council and our Gardiner affiliate Bear Creek Council. Email:

Caroline Canarios, Field Organizer

Before coming to Northern Plains in 2018, Caroline worked as a Research Associate at the University of Mississippi for Population Studies in Oxford, MS where she managed projects related to community health and the resilience of county-level food systems in the South. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Montana, the Tennessee transplant returned to her original region to pursue a postgraduate degree in sociology from the University of Mississippi, where she found her niche working on agriculture and food issues. Caroline helps staff our Billings affiliate, Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council as well as our agriculture task force. Email:

Tirza Asbell, Field Organizer

With a sociology degree (emphasis in Inequality and Social Justice) from the University of Montana, Tirza has worked on a variety of social justice and political issues for various organizations. Prior to joining Northern Plains’ organizing team in 2019, Tirza worked as the public policy coordinator for Montana Food Bank Network where she helped expand federal child nutrition programs and protect social safety net programs on both state and national levels. Tirza recently returned to her hometown of Billings, MT, to staff Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council. She also administers our Good Neighbor Agreement with Sibanye-Stillwater (formerly Stillwater Mining Company). Email:

Tai Koester, Field Organizer

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Tai completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado, where he received degrees in geography and evolutionary biology. Before joining the organizing team at Northern Plains in 2019, Tai worked as a field technician for the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research where he collected hydrology data for long-term climate analysis. The son of an anthropologist, Tai has also spent time researching peasant movements in the West Indies and exploring the exclusion of indigenous people from the management of public lands at Bears Ears National Monument in Utah. Tai staffs our Soil Task Force as well as our Red Lodge affiliate, Carbon County Resource Council and our affiliate Stillwater Protective Association. Email:

Steve Paulson, Development Coordinator

Hailing from South Dakota, Steve came to Northern Plains from a business background, joining the staff in 1992. He majored in political science (B.S. Ed. at Black Hills State University; M.S. at Utah State University) and wrote his thesis on mineral tax policy. Steve prepares grant proposals and reports, performs a wide range of editing, assists with hiring and financial tasks, and with other fundraising work. He authored the 2016 book Environmentalists: An Eyewitness Account from the Heart of America. Email:

Kathryn Dantzlerward, Grant Writer

Kate grew up in Virginia and attended school in Princeton, New Jersey. She has a degree in history. After serving for one year in Americorps, she joined Northern Plains as a grant writer. Kate is responsible for all grant-writing, research and reporting. Her hobbies include jogging, hiking, writing, and reading. Email:

Paula Berg, Director of Finance and Administration

Paula hails from Lewistown, Montana and earned a bachelor’s in business administration at the University of Montana. Prior to coming to Northern Plains in 2011, she performed accounting and administrative work in the private sector. Paula oversees our day-to-day accounting, transactions in our bank and brokerage accounts, and handles state and federal reporting requirements. She staffs our Investment Committee. Email:

Caleb Lande, Director of Grassroots Fundraising

Born and raised in Montana, Caleb came to Northern Plains in 2008, originally as a research intern, then as an organizer. Caleb holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from the University of Montana, where his thesis dealt with homeowners’ valuation of energy efficiency. Since 2012, he has led our membership development and grassroots fundraising efforts. Email:

Claire Overholt, Grassroots Outreach Coordinator

A former Jesuit Volunteer and canvasser for Northern Plains, Claire is our Grassroots Outreach Coordinator. Hailing from Colorado, she graduated with degrees in Environmental Studies and English from Santa Clara University in 2014. Before coming to Northern Plains, Claire worked for the Northern Cheyenne Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources in Lame Deer, Montana. Claire assists our communications and organizing teams by working on events, fundraising, and community outreach. Email:

Dustin Ogdin, Communications Director

Originally from Nashville, TN, Dustin earned degrees in the visual arts from Middle Tennessee State University (BFA) in 1999, and Ohio University (MFA) in 2004. Before coming to Northern Plains, Dustin self-produced a documentary project about criminal justice reform in Chicago, IL and produced multimedia work in collaboration with MTV News and the Associated Press. Dustin also produced a podcast series exploring family agriculture projects in Nashville. As the Communications Director, Dustin oversees the flow of internal and external communications. Email:

Anna Kerr-Carpenter, Communications Coordinator

Originally from Sacramento, California, Anna has been a professional photographer for ten years. She got her degree in Anthropology from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2017 and in 2019 completed an online boot camp in User Interface Design. She has a particular interest in the branding and messaging of social movements. Before joining Northern Plains staff in 2020, she worked for CA House, an intentional living community in Davis, California where she got her first taste of non-profit communications. Anna maintains content and functionality for the website, designs print and digital outreach materials, and supports all organizational communications efforts. Email:

Karen Olson, Office Manager

Karen joined the Northern Plains staff in 2010. She grew up in Billings and earned a bachelor’s in liberal studies from Montana State University – Billings. Before coming to Northern Plains, Karen was a longtime network technician for Qwest and also worked in printing services for Office Max. She has long been an active community volunteer. Karen performs a wide range of jobs to keep our office running smoothly and works with a large team of volunteers. Email:

Teresa Erickson, History Project Manager

After 33 years as Northern Plains’ Staff Director, Teresa passed the torch in September 2019. Teresa oversees the Northern Plains History Project and guides other program areas as needed. Hailing from from Colorado and daughter of a hard rock miner, she holds a degree in geography from the University of Northern Colorado. In 1993, Teresa received the first annual Jeannette Rankin Award from A Territory Resource, recognizing her years of dedication to principles of social justice and land stewardship. In 2010, Teresa and her husband, Pat Sweeney, were presented with the Len and Sandy Sargent Stewardship Award by the Cinnabar Foundation. She is an experienced and respected trainer, and is known for her ability to work with people of all backgrounds. Email:

Erin Keith, Technical Assistant

Erin joined Northern Plains in 2019. Originally from Washington State, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the Evergreen State College. Before joining Northern Plains, she spent 2 years as a Washington Conservation Corps member working on environmental compliance issues followed by nearly 10 years conducting public education and outreach in the public sector.  Email:

Jim Cooper, Facility Manager

Jim joined the Northern Plains staff in 2018 to oversee the care and maintenance of our Home on the Range. Before coming to Northern Plains, Jim built a robust career working in a broad range of positions from managing the supply chain for a rural hospital to groundskeeping and maintenance for Stockman Bank. Originally from the Big Sky State, Jim earned a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Montana, with an emphasis in Chinese language and culture.