About Us


Who We Are

Northern Plains is a grassroots conservation and family agriculture group that organizes Montanans to protect our water quality, family farms and ranches, and unique quality of life.

Northern Plains believes people working together can make a difference.

Our mission:

  • Organize Montanans to protect our water, land, air, and working landscapes,
  • Support a healthy, localized, and sustainable economy in farm and ranch country and in our towns,
  • Build strong grassroots leaders, always considering the next generation.

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Our Vision

We are from the plains and mountains, cities and towns. We are everyday Montanans who love where we live. We stand up, shoulder-to-shoulder, to protect this place we all call home.

We believe that true prosperity begins with healthy land, water, and air. We believe that our families, farms, ranches, schools, businesses, governments, and communities thrive when we are good stewards of these resources. We believe that if we look beyond our fences, listen to one another, and keep our minds open, we will find creative solutions to secure a clean, healthful environment for all.

We are working toward a future where we live in harmony with nature, where our economy serves the people rather than the people serving the economy, where neighbors work side-by-side to build a world that lives up to our ideals of fairness, inclusion, and justice.

To create this future, we must act now. The actions we take today will determine the world that our children and grandchildren inherit. Working together, right now, we can ensure true prosperity for generations to come.


Board of Directors

Members of the Northern Plains Board of Directors are elected by the membership annually. The Board meets six times a year.

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Since 1972, Northern Plains has been helping Montana citizens organize to protect their communities. Our dedicated team is committed to fighting for the things that matter most to our members.

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Our Building

Welcome to Home on the Range! We purchased and renovated this building in 2006 to be the first LEED platinum building in Montana.

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85% of Northern Plains’ spending is directed to our Montana organizing activities

Northern Plains Resource Council is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions – including memberships, bequests, and other donations – are tax deductible.

Our federal identification number is 81-0367205.

Northern Plains was issued a Certificate of Incorporation by the Montana Secretary of State on September 22, 1972.