2019 Legislature – Bill Positions

 Now that the Legislative Session has officially ended, we need you to contact Governor Bullock’s office directly and ask him to VETO SB 329!

How to take action:

  1. Call (406) 444-3111 to leave a message with the Governor’s office.
  2. Reference the Bill/Resolution # and ask that Governor Bullock VETO the bill(s).
  3. You can also click here to email Governor Bullock directly.



SB 329 - Extend the Otter Creek coal tract leases for another ten years

Sponsored by Tom Richmond, R-Billings

This bill would allow the Land Board to extend state coal leases, including those at Otter Creek held by Arch Coal, from ten to twenty years. Landowners near the Otter Creek tracts and in the Tongue River Valley lived under the constant threat of a new mine and the Tongue River Railroad for decades. Speculative coal ventures should not be allowed to cast uncertainty and fear indefinitely over the landowners that would be affected by a new mine or the associated infrastructure. Given that Arch Coal is in bankruptcy, the company’s leases should be allowed to expire so landowners can get on with their lives.

Call Governor Bullock and tell him to VETO SB 329!