Letter: Embrace clean energy – Billings Gazette, June 18, 2017

From record wildfires to drought to intense storms, we can’t ignore the increasingly severe effects that climate change is causing for Montana and the world.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to address this problem. What kind of people are we if we just dump it in their laps?

The pollution that puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is the same pollution that puts more lead and mercury into the air we breathe. Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accords will mean even more burning of fossil fuels in the years ahead and that will mean more health problems and higher health care expenses for Montanans and other Americans.

It will also make Montana agriculture more vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather.

By running away from the challenge, Trump is displaying an astounding lack of faith in America, in our people and in our ability to innovate.

Many American businesses and researchers are already at the forefront of new energy solutions.

By leading the world in clean energy, we can build healthier, more secure communities. We can create new jobs, stronger local economies and have more control over our future.

Becky Mitchell