Save Board of Environmental Review; tell Gov to veto SB 337

One of the worst bills of the Montana Legislature is on its way to the Governor’s desk, and I’m hoping you’ll join me in taking action to defeat it. I’ll keep this brief so that you have more time to call.

Montana’s Board of Environmental Review has some important jobs, so it’s shameful to see the progress of Senate Bill 337, sponsored by Senator Duane Ankney (R-Colstrip). SB 337 would eliminate the BER, a panel tasked with implementing the Clear Air Act in Montana. It’s tasked with oversight over water pollution control and wastewater treatment. The Board can hold hearings on radioactive materials and hazardous waste.

In short, it is an important state tool for protecting public health, preserving blue ribbon trout streams, and allowing us to pass the Montana we love on to future generations. As a citizen oversight board, it is also an important tool through which everyday Montanans have more access to government and say in state decision-making. Clean water, health, and public participation in government decisions are values we all share. By seeking to abolish the BER, Montana Senate Bill 337 is a direct threat to all of them. I hope we can count on Governor Bullock to veto it. Join me in helping make that happen.

Call Governor Bullock at (406) 444-3111 or e-mail him here and ask him to veto SB 337.